Pocket Rocket :: Our boy turns TWO!

My spring baby is now a ripe young age of 24 months 🙂

He will forever be our furry bundle of joy and our first love.

Happy Birthday, Pocket! Our lives changed when you came along and we have never been happier. We hope you know how loved you are 🙂



Pocket Rocket :: Almost TWO!

In just a little under a month, Pocket will turn TWO YEARS OLD! I know, I know… I look like a crazy dog-lady which really, I am! I’ve always loved dogs/puppies and had always just lived vicariously through my friends who are dog owners. I never thought I would one day have my own little fur-baby to love and that I would be quite so nutty 😛

so batty a dog-mummy. I take Pocket everywhere I can… And if I have to, I put him in a shopping bag 😛

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I can’t remember life without Pocket and I simply cannot bear the thought of life without him. He has brought such joy and happiness into our lives with his playfulness and cheekiness. Even at his naughtiest, we still love him heaps 😀

Pocket’s very first picture that his breeder sent to me… To think he was only as large as that flower pot behind him!

Now that we’ve moved out of the apartment, I’m proud to say that Pocket is FULLY toilet-trained, which means he no longer pees or poos in the house on a pee-pad. I thought the day would never come and that I would have to buy him pee-pads FOREVER (as horrible a thought as having to buy disposable nappies forever)! After a few accidents and some crazy Mummy-moments courtesy of yours truly, Pocket now ONLY goes when he’s let out of the house. 

Thing is, Pocket doesn’t realise that he can use his “voice” to let Mummy and Daddy know that he needs a wee. He will simply sit quietly at the sliding door and sometimes, this means he’s sitting there for quite a while before A or I notices! OOPS. Bad parents we are but goooood boy, Pocket! Well done hunny! 🙂

At just the tender age of two, Pocket’s been to the vet a fair few times. The very first time was because of a TERRIBLE ear infection. The poor boy endured it for almost two weeks without so much a whimper. Gah. I felt horrible then for not paying closer attention to him.

Dad called me the “greasy Italian” for as long as I had to be administered with the ear drops! *pouts* and Mum really shoulda closed that toilet door behind me!

Since the last time we visited the vet, there haven’t been any incidents, so for that we are super thankful! We just want Pocket to be happy and healthy – we really couldn’t ask for more. 

He is SUPER EXCITABLE when we have visitors over – he goes absolutely berserk when he hears the door bell! Once he calms down however, he is the sweetest pup you ever did meet and will let everyone and anyone carry and pet him. He’ll fall asleep in your arms and there he’ll stay… Until he sees food!

Pocket is sooooo greedy, I really think he could eat until he implodes and still not stop! A is such a softie with him and tsk-tsk, feeds him at the table. If I’m in the kitchen cooking, there Pocket will be too. He, of course, LOVES his treats and anything roasted, barbecued, raw and cooked. I’m surprised he’s still a really good weight and not obese or anything like that. I suppose it helps that he’s pretty active when we’re home with him and also because he currently only has one meal a day, most of the week. 

Two years old my darling boy… You’re still Mummy and Daddy’s baby and that’s how you will be for a long time more. We hope, at least! I promise you a playmate/companion soon but only after the house is ready k? *hugs* Remember, Mummy and Daddy love you heaps!

Lucky me! I get to be on Mummy AND Daddy’s phone wallpaper! Coz imma cutie patootie!