Battling Acne – Day 3 of the Regimen

Battling Acne - Day 3 of the Regimen

It’s my third day on the Regimen and I think my skin’s looking so much better, yes? πŸ™‚ It’s dry and flaky because of the Benzoyl Peroxide – I’m using Galderma’s Benzac AC 2.5% – but the moisturiser is helping to combat the flakiness somewhat.

YAAYYY for the Regimen!


Battling Acne – An Update







So some two weeks ago, I posted about my battle – past and present – with acne. I had, at that point, gone for a facial and honestly, the state of my face looked a lot worse in the picture than in real life.


| Photo taken on Wednesday, 10 July 2013 |

I expected to be pretty spotty after my facial… I usually am. But what I didn’t expect was to break out EVERY SINGLE DAY following that facial. I’m talking a couple of ugly, nasty, pus-y pimples that I have never ever had all at the same time. EVERY. DAY. I’m just thankful, I SUPPOSE, that they were just around my chin/jawbone and not all over my face but OMG. What was happening??!! My face was disintegrating and so was my self-esteem…

I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong; I mean, I hadn’t been washing my face with hot boiling water… I made sure to work my facial cleanser in to my skin every evening, to “lift off” all the dirt and grime… I was also using a washcloth, as opposed to “scalding” my face with super hot water when in the shower. I just didn’t get it. Why was I breaking out like I’ve never broken out before?!

And then last night, I chanced upon “The Regimen” and a light bulb went off in my head – it wasn’t just because of the harsh facial cleanser I was using or the way I washed my face… It was EVERYTHING! Remember I said Mummy told me to be gentle with my face? Well, I didn’t realise HOW gentle I was meant to be. But now, now I know and it’s all thanks to

So last night – or rather, early this morning at about 1am – I started on The Regimen. And when I woke up, I saw and felt the difference! Of course I still had them blasted spots but they weren’t as red and angry as they had been the last week or so. It also didn’t hurt as much when I washed my face and I actually left the house without any makeup on. I just didn’t want to throw makeup in the mix and disrupt my progress so early on.


| Photo taken on Sunday, 21 July 2013 |

Have you ever tried The Regimen and what kind of results have you experienced? I really am going to have faith and persist with this. I mean, what do I have to lose, especially since I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom with the state of my face right now. Perhaps The Regimen is the solution that I’ve been searching for all this time.

Wish me luck! xx

Battling (Adult) Acne

If you’ve met or know me, you’d probably be surprised to find out that my mummy is actually a beautician – only because I always have some kind of breakout happening for me. I get particularly stressed out when I’m about to see my mum and it’s been this way for years because I hate getting my face scrutinized by her. Absolutely. HATEIT.

If memory serves me right, I really only started battling acne when I was in Uni. Why, oh why, did I bloom so late?! It was a horrible horrible time and I can still remember pictures of red, blotchy ol’ me 😦 I put it down to hormones and the change in environment since it was in that time that I had moved and was living in Sydney. I was pretty successful in keeping the acne at bay when I began taking antibiotics but because I didn’t want to rely on antibodies forever, I then switched to taking the Pill. The Pill was fantastic especially because my breakouts are largely hormonal.

Since getting married, however, I’ve stopped taking the Pill and once again, BOOHOOHOO, my hormonal acne has returned. I have breakouts so often, I sometimes dread going out because I know my makeup does absolutely nothing but sit on top of my spots. Siigghh… I am certainly no TROPHY WIFE.

A week ago, I decided that things have to change. I booked myself in for a facial and have vowed to go regularly, that is, at least once a month, if not once every two months. Yes, my face now looks like the picture below, post-facial, but no pain, no gain right?



My mummy’s been nagging me for years to have facials regularly but have I listened? COURSE NOT. She’s also told me to be gentle with my face and not wash it as if I’m trying to scrub my dishes clean. Again, I heed not her advice because what does she know right?! She’s just a beautician *grumble grumble*

Therefore, as of today, I vow not to place my face under the hot running water in the shower and I will not scrub it like its my toilet floor. I will slather on serums and moisturisers because I don’t want to look old before my time and I will drink lots of water, in addition to going for facials regularly. I will also start taking vitamins such as milk thistle to improve my liver function, together with my daily multi-vite.

So help me God… And I suppose the right products, like the ones from Janesce that my beautician used on me today, couldn’t hurt πŸ˜›

Do you battle adult acne too? If you have ANY suggestions to keep skin clear of adult acne, please feel free to share them with me! xx

Dressing up on a budget!

So in “commemoration” of the end of this financial year, A and I will be going to the Boobalicious Ball, a charity gala in support of Breast Cancer Care WA. It’s still some months away but I got excited and started looking for a dress, the minute I knew we were headed for the ball! πŸ˜›

I’ve always been pretty thrifty I suppose and simply cannot fathom spending unnecessarily… I get all guilty if I think I’ve overspent and so I’ve done my best to base my shopping philosophy on NEEDS and not WANTS. It doesn’t matter if I deserve something – if my laptop’s not broken, for example, why fix it?! – I have to really NEED something before I’ll splurge.

That said, I knew I didn’t want to spend hundreds on a dress that I was potentially going to wear only once… Or twice if I’m lucky! I also knew that it has to be a long/maxi dress and if strapless, should not be falling off my flat chest πŸ˜›

I scoured and I searched – online – day after day, night after night but everything I found was either not within budget or simply not appropriate for a ball! Oh how I lamented to A that I would never find THE dress and would most likely have to settle for something “expensive” that I’d have to alter (to fit me) and that in spite of all the effort and money spent, I probably wouldn’t get to wear it again. I know I was just being a drama queen and a lazy one at that, so I finally decided to get off my arse and pop into the shops on my recent day off, since it was clear that simply online shopping just wasn’t going to cut it.

I didn’t think I would find anything off the racks that would fit my petite frame and I definitely didn’t think that I would find it at Ally! But I did, I did! I soooo did find THE dress that ticked all the boxes:

(1.) It’s long.

(2.) It’s cheap.

(3.) It’s ball-worthy.

(4.) It’s strapless and doesn’t slip off my flat chest.

(5.) It’s beautifully drapey and grecian… and I love it! πŸ™‚

So, what d’ya think?! Did I do well or what?!Β 


| ally draped grecian mesh dress, forever new bedazzled jewelled belt |

Even though A didn’tΒ gushΒ upon seeing me in the dress, I’m pretty sure he approved πŸ˜› I’ve also gotten the Whatsapp stamp of approval from the best friend with respect to my choice of statement neckpiece, so all that’s left to do is purchase some footwear and a new clutch – I have my eyes on THIS Religion baby – and Boobie Ball, here we come! πŸ˜€


The humble spray bottle

It’s almost liberating (but oh so mundane to some) that I’ve recently discovered the wonders of misting a shirt prior to ironing, so as to get the shirt crisp and wrinkle-free!!

I have been battling with A’s shirts for a while now because they just DO NOT stay wrinkle-free, even after much pressing! He sure didn’t seem to mind or even notice but seeing those crinkly wrinkles despite all my hard work was soooo annoying!

It turns out that all I needed this entire time was a humble little spray bottle and some water and voila! Wrinkle-free work shirts for A that actually appear IRONED!


And now, peace has once again been restored here on earth xx

30 Days of Yoga – Days 4,5.. and 6

… the days I fell off the bandwagon!

I don’t have any excuse. I was just being lazy! I just wanted to NOT do any yoga.. I just want to be a couch potato with Pocket and A.

Oh well…. Day 7, here I come! Namaste πŸ˜› xx