Born and raised in Singapore, I am currently living in Perth, Australia. Now a part-time early childhood educator and a full-time mummy (to my fur baby, Pocket) and wife,  I used to be a public relations and events management consultant in my past life.

In my down time, I think too much, read a lot and spend too little (I’m a self-proclaimed tight-arse). At other times, I tend to eat too much steamed white rice (I’m Asian!), talk too fast, am a crazy dog-lady and a tech geek. I am also a mindless TV addict and am particularly fond of lifestyle type programmes, especially if it involves food, cooking and/or travel.

When I’m not multi-tasking and doing all of the above at the very same time, I love trying out new recipes. Cooking and baking for family and friends bring me so much joy! To me, nothing says “I love you” more than a full belly and a great big “MMMMM”, the universally recognised thumbs up to good food.

On the odd occasion I’m feeling a little aggro, please allow me to rant and ramble. I’ll keep those angry vents to a minimal, promise!

Thank you for swinging by Sweet + Savoury and I hope you enjoy your stay!


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