Back… with a ban in tow!

a SHOPPING ban, that is!

Over Christmas, A. and I had a great break – our first proper break since the wedding. Yea, we’ve had the odd long weekend away but those just didn’t feel like BREAKS. This time round, we left Pocket with the in-laws and took off for a solid two weeks.

much MUCH needed. At the end of the holiday, A. said he had had such a good time – a FIRST! I was so happy that he was happy and had enjoyed himself. Nevermind we had one teensy little argument. I think we actually grew a lot closer during this break… I suppose it’s because we didn’t have wedding ANYTHING looming over our heads.

On this holiday, we were both also really good about not shopping. He had a few big expensive items on his list but because of the new build, he decided to be good and hold off on buying his things. We bought clothes here and there from brands like Uniqlo (since goddamit, we can’t get it in Perth) but nothing major, so we were very proud of ourselves 😀 *patpatpat*

When we got home and unpacked, however, I realised that I couldn’t properly shut some of my drawers and that I had run out of hangers! Now, the thing is, I really don’t buy very much for myself. I have clothes that I still properly fit into from erm… 5 years ago? My principle has always been that if my clothes don’t have holes in them or aren’t falling apart at the seams, I’ll keep them. Never know when you might wear that dress/shirt/shorts/skirt/jumper again right?


In the last couple of hours, I have managed to put away three full bags of clothes that were given to me/are too tight/look too old/have holes in them or that I’m just not going to wear again (seeing as how I haven’t worn them in the last 2 years!). I am going to give all these clothes away with NO REGRETS. I simply hate clutter. Knowing too that I’ll be moving soon is one of the biggest spring cleaning push factors. 

Even with these three bags going to the Salvation Army bins, I still have plenty of clothes – I’m definitely good for this coming year! Which thus led me to placing myself on a shopping ban for the next six months. You heard it here first – I will not be buying any new clothes from 10 January to 11 June 2014. Upon successfully completing these six months, I will assess my wardrobe situation and may extend the ban for another six months.

Now, the thing is, I am allowed costume jewellery/accessories because if you know me, I do not wear, much less own, any accessories save for earrings. That, my dear friends, will be the only things I can buy. And shoes but only IF NECESSARY. Trust me – my self-restraint is pretty damn good and I have my tight-arse-ness to thank 😛

As I’ve just returned to work, I’m still getting back into the swing of things. Once I’m all full steam ahead, I’ll do my first bake of the year! Stay tuned! Until then, send me lots of love and support – and I’ll reciprocate with regular updates on my self-imposed shopping ban 🙂 xx