On The Menu :: Macarons and an Orange Chiffon Cake

Hi everyone! Missed me much? πŸ˜›

My excuse is that I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks, experimenting with new macaron recipes and techniques, while at the same time, working and doing all other chores!

Although I’m still battling with hollow-ish macarons, I have to say they’re looking pretty damn good πŸ˜€ They also taste pretty awesome! I mean, who doesn’t like meringue??!! I’d attribute my macaron success to the Italian Meringue method which really does produce a much more stable batter for amateur bakers to work with. It does take a little more effort, what with having to whip up the egg whites as you’re preparing the sugar syrup but it’s not impossible since you should be using a stand mixer.

After two batches of macarons using the Italian Meringue method, I think I’ve got it down pat and would be pretty comfortable using this very recipe for the future. There’s nothing that I need to tweak really; it’s more my technique that needs to be worked on:

1. I’d like to increase the amount of egg whites I’m currently using because it’s such a small quantity that my stand mixer takes forever to whip it up and that results in a broken meringue and thus, hollow shells.

2. I’ll also pipe my macarons and allow them to rest, one batch at a time. The first time I used the Italian Meringue recipe, I remember piping a lot of macarons out at the same time and the feet turned out fine. The second time, however, some of my macarons had uneven feet which apparently is because of OVER-resting. For my third attempt, I’ll definitely pipe my macarons out one baking sheet at a time and see if it makes a difference.

3. I’ll be checking in on my macarons at the 12 minute mark — 15 minutes produced much too over-cooked macarons, ie some were slightly browned.


| Raspberry Jam Macarons (above) and Pandan Kaya Macarons (below) |

After a very long time too, I finally baked a chiffon cake, my kryptonite. I think I’ve found THE recipe and will be using this as the foundation for different flavours in the near future because my cake was tall, light, fluffy AND spongey – MMM YUMYUM! Alton noted though that it was SALTY so I may have to go easy on the salt in the future. I reckon instead of 1/4 teaspoon, I should simply eyeball “a pinch”.


I know I’m no baking extraodinaire but I’ve been toying with the idea of selling some of my bakes. Any one out there with any experience selling to cafes or even to friends and family? I’d love some advice on how else to get started… For now, close friends, family and colleagues have been my guinea pigs/taste testers πŸ˜› I mean, word-of-mouth IS the best form of advertising πŸ™‚

Bon appetit, mes amies et la prochaine fois Β πŸ™‚ xx


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