Macarons :: The Beginnings

For months now I’d toyed with the idea of baking macarons but had always put it off because the task just seemed too daunting, what with the thousands of horror stories I’ve come across.

Then one day, a couple of weeks ago, I woke up and thought “Today’s the day – I’m gonna make me some macarons!” And made some macarons I did indeed.

The very first recipe and method I used for that virgin attempt was BraveTart’s French Macaron recipe which can be found here and boy, did the results surprise me because I think my macarons turned out pretty decent!


| I spy with my little eye… feet! |

What I took away from this attempt was how absolutely tedious making macarons truly are. I was beyond tired by the time I was done baking. It didn’t help too that I started baking after dinner – not the best decision I ever made but my impulses, they do get the best of me.

I wasn’t happy too that my macarons didn’t have nice flat bases. I only later realised that my macarons were actually slightly undercooked! OOPS. Regardless, my macarons were still super yummo and it gave me the confidence to attempt a second batch.

Since BraveTart’s recipe worked for me the first time round, I decided to use it again. This time, however, I did a few things differently:

1. I used non-stick baking paper, instead of my silicon baking macaron mat.

2. I made my own almond meal and used the food processor to mix the almond meal and icing sugar together.

3. I allowed the macarons to “rest” before being baked.

Once again, my macarons were edible – I mean, who doesn’t like sweet baked meringues? But this batch was definitely over-baked because I popped them back into the oven for an extra 5 minutes when they didn’t just slide off the baking paper. Also, I thought I’d “freehand” the piping – BIG MISTAKE because I got BIG MACARONS. OMG, they were massive. Not in the least bit dainty. And euuuww… I got frills! Not feet!



So, I’ve decided that for my third attempt, I’d like to try my hand at the Italian Meringue method which is supposed to produce a very stable meringue that apparently is almost impossible to over-mix.

Gah! Wish me luck! And if you have ANY tips/advice on baking macarons, send them my way! 🙂 Have a great week ahead, y’all! xx


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