On The Menu :: Pandan Chiffon Cupcakes

So, of course it’d happen to me that the day I decide I need and like to bake, my digital weighing scale goes KAPUT.



I had to resort to using cup measurements which IMHO, just aren’t as accurate. I mean, I’m no MasterPatissier but I like the specificity provided when measuring out ingredients by weight. 

All things considered, my cupcakes turned out pretty well. I reckon they could have come out of the oven after 15-18 minutes, so I’ll keep that in mind for Round Two! They also feel a little dense but that’s probably because I didn’t re-measure my homemade cake flour, after all the sifting etc… I blame my silly weighing scale for my callous and careless behaviour.


Anyhoo, the house is smelling DIVINE – I love that subtle smell of pandan wafting through the air 🙂 Whets my appetite and makes me want to bake MORE. NAO! 😛

Many thanks to Kitchen Tigress for her recipe which can be found HERE

Bon appetit, mes amis! I hope you give this recipe a go! 🙂 xx


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