Battling (Adult) Acne

If you’ve met or know me, you’d probably be surprised to find out that my mummy is actually a beautician – only because I always have some kind of breakout happening for me. I get particularly stressed out when I’m about to see my mum and it’s been this way for years because I hate getting my face scrutinized by her. Absolutely. HATEIT.

If memory serves me right, I really only started battling acne when I was in Uni. Why, oh why, did I bloom so late?! It was a horrible horrible time and I can still remember pictures of red, blotchy ol’ me 😦 I put it down to hormones and the change in environment since it was in that time that I had moved and was living in Sydney. I was pretty successful in keeping the acne at bay when I began taking antibiotics but because I didn’t want to rely on antibodies forever, I then switched to taking the Pill. The Pill was fantastic especially because my breakouts are largely hormonal.

Since getting married, however, I’ve stopped taking the Pill and once again, BOOHOOHOO, my hormonal acne has returned. I have breakouts so often, I sometimes dread going out because I know my makeup does absolutely nothing but sit on top of my spots. Siigghh… I am certainly no TROPHY WIFE.

A week ago, I decided that things have to change. I booked myself in for a facial and have vowed to go regularly, that is, at least once a month, if not once every two months. Yes, my face now looks like the picture below, post-facial, but no pain, no gain right?



My mummy’s been nagging me for years to have facials regularly but have I listened? COURSE NOT. She’s also told me to be gentle with my face and not wash it as if I’m trying to scrub my dishes clean. Again, I heed not her advice because what does she know right?! She’s just a beautician *grumble grumble*

Therefore, as of today, I vow not to place my face under the hot running water in the shower and I will not scrub it like its my toilet floor. I will slather on serums and moisturisers because I don’t want to look old before my time and I will drink lots of water, in addition to going for facials regularly. I will also start taking vitamins such as milk thistle to improve my liver function, together with my daily multi-vite.

So help me God… And I suppose the right products, like the ones from Janesce that my beautician used on me today, couldn’t hurt 😛

Do you battle adult acne too? If you have ANY suggestions to keep skin clear of adult acne, please feel free to share them with me! xx


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