Stop Mollycoddling and Start Disciplining!

I’m just having one of those days where I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with parents who think their children are angels when they are well and truly out of control at Kindy. It also doesn’t help that childcare centres mollycoddle parents too because “the customer is always right”.

Australia – you people are NUTS. You take client satisfaction to a whole new level and I really don’t think that enforcing a “NO TIME-OUT” rule or avoiding the use of the word “NO” to a child will enhance their development greatly. Yes, you read right. Educators are not allowed to put unruly children aside for a minute to calm down – and think about what it is they’d done – nor are we allowed to say “No” to the children.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, buddy, to smack your friend on the head with that block but you’ve gone and done it, so here, take my hand. Let’s take a walk around the playground.”

Australia’s national early childhood learning standards have been working out SO WELL… Which explains the numerous children turned adults who are on handouts at the moment.

Well done, Australia! Well, bloody, done.

And for your information, I speak, read, write AND understand English PERFECTLY. And no, I’m not a genius. I have been using the English language since I was developmentally able to speak/read/write. Having small slitty eyes does not, in any way, inhibit my linguistic capabilities.


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