Let’s be honest now…

When I listen to people gush about how wonderful slash fun slash magical it was planning their wedding, I am, most times, very envious. Sometimes I just want to smack these people, but mostly, I’m just a little green.

To be honest, planning the wedding wasn’t great fun for me. It was a time so dotted with dark moments that I wish I didn’t have the photographic memory I possess for not so nice things. As an aside, I also have a knack for keeping track of birth dates. As much as the bad’s left a staleness that still lingers a little, I find that it’s also made me grow up a little. It would be very easy to point fingers and start shifting responsibility away from me but like they say, it takes two to clap.

Anyhow, with the wedding done and dusted, I can finally.. BREATHE. I don’t know if I might be alone on this but I really wanted the frivolities to be over with so that we could get on with our real life. 

In the words of Ruth Bell Graham, “A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.”

ImageYou drive me up the wall most days, bubs, but I do love you so… Thank you for loving us so much *hugs*


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