Winter is… HERE

We’ve felt the chills of winter here in Perth for a while now – I mean, 2 degree nights?! In Autumn! C’mon Australia! Where’s the love?! Anyhow, as we bid “Au revoir” to May, there’s no denying that winter is really here. BBRRRR…

To mark the new month and new season, I popped on a shiny new pair of shoes 😀 It’s in a beeaauutiful blue, with awesome red piping! I love it! Best of all, it’s from Kmart. VALUE! Just the way I like my things *LOL*

Image| feeling a little less frosty in my purrtyy new shoes |

As the nights get colder, I reach for the ice-cream in the freezer less and more for hot, tummy-warming desserts… MMMM… So as I watched Rachel Khoo’s “Little Paris Kitchen”, I knew I had to get me hands on some of ’em “Moelleux au chocolat” and get me hands on ’em I did!


Unfortunately, they didn’t quite hit the spot as I’d hoped because I had:

One — Over-baked the damn cakes a little. Should have taken them out a minute or two earlier AND popped them out of the ramekins immediately.

Two — Not put in enough salted caramel. I was probably also a little too generous with the salt 😛

In any case, the husband said it was a good first effort 🙂 He knows there’s always more, where desserts are concerned! Since he was so good-natured about it – and because I love him – he got little chocolate sponge cakes for brekkie this morning (It…. was really more because I had leftover batter :P). Anyhow, I can’t wait for the rest of Rachel Khoo’s “Little Paris Kitchen” that’s being aired on SBS One, every Thursday at 8pm. Maybe I’ll get her cookbook too!


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