On days like these…

… I just want to smash dishes on the floor! Any dish! ALL DISHES!!!! And on those days when I start cursing and swearing – in all languages and dialects no less (impressed by my linguistic capabilities much?) – I am NO FUN to be around.

The kids at Kindy were CRAAZZY today, so were their parents/grandparents/general carers. I was everywhere, doing everything ALL. DAY. Everyone wanted a piece of me and I had to work TREBLY fast. Do you know what it means to have to work trebly fast at Kindy?! That means putting 30 plates and 30 cups and dishing out 30 portions of sultanas/carrots/cucumbers AND pouring water into 30 cups in less than FIFTEEN MINUTES.

When all that was said and done, I head home IN A JIFFY to prepare dinner, only to find that Pocket had poo-ed in TWO different spots in the house, which also means A had not let him out before leaving for work to poo-poo. So because the husband wasn’t home yet, who do I yell at INSANELY LOUD?


Oh. My. Gawd.

Trust me when I say I wanted to KILL. I wanted to get into the car and drive somewhere – ANYWHERE – and all the while CURSE. LIKE A SAILOR.


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I now am sitting on the couch with my legs up and Pocket lying on top of me, fast asleep. I can’t wait to go to bed and leave this day behind!


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