On the Menu :: Upside-Down Berry Cake

With A’s parents out of town, we figured it’d be a great opportunity for us to get some friends together for a BBQ. We thought the BBQ would keep us all nice and toasty but it got soooo cold, us girls had to run into the house for some warmth! Note to self – we need an outdoor gas heater in the new house!

The best part of organising a get-together – planning the menu! I always have aspirations of being the hostest with the mostest and like to make sure that food-wise, my guests get a bit of everything… From the savoury to the sweet. This also gave me the chance to get some baking in, something I haven’t done in FOREVER because I started work. I outdid myself and baked TWO desserts in one night 😛 This actually resulted in a slightly under-baked Cookies and Cream Fudge Brownie which I’d like to think simply landed itself in the “ooey gooey full of chocolatey goodness” category of baked goods 😀

The second dessert – an Upside-Down Berry Cake – was one I’d never ever baked before AND with a little less sugar and butter than originally called for in the recipe, only because I wanted to use up all of those two ingredients that I had left. I figured a little less here and there shouldn’t hurt too much. That said, I would never ever try this when baking a chiffon cake!

The result? A tea cake that everyone RAVED about and enjoyed so much that they had to pack some to take home. Annnd it’s a HOME RUN! 😀 I’ll definitely bake this cake again but with the right quantity of sugar and butter, only because I want to see if the batter will look any different. My pre-baked batter was so sticky, I have NO IDEA if that’s how it’s meant to be… but it worked, I suppose! I served it up with some warm custard… mmmm, just what the doctor would’ve ordered for a chilly Autumn/Winter’s night I reckon 🙂

The original recipe can be found here.

I think I might replace the mixed berries with cinnamon apples the next time around 🙂



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