If You Are The One [非诚勿扰]

Trust the Chinese to produce a dating show that is controversial and yet, so very very riveting and entertaining! Ever since A. and I came across one episode of “If You Are The One [非诚勿扰]” on SBS, we have been HOOKED! Watching is believing, so knock yourselves out! 😀

Sometimes, A. and I cringe when we lay eyes on the boys. And at other times, we’re egging on the girls to “leave their light on” for those less cringe-worthy. How emotionally invested in this show are we?! 😛 Mind you, it airs on SBS every Friday night. I’m sure most people have somewhere better to be and have something better to do. But nooo, not us. We’re sitting in front of the telly watching a Chinese dating show.

I love being married 😀

* * * * * * * * * *

Most nights, A. and I have our dinner in front of the telly. It’s my fault really – I grew up in front of the box and as much as I know it’s a very VERY bad habit that I should kick, A. has somehow indulged me from the start, so I’ve never had a reason to stop. Maybe when we have kids?

Dinner tonight was super simple because I feel the beginnings of a cold coming on and so, I just wanted to keep prep/mess etc to a minimum. I fried up some Porterhouse steaks – Heston-style*, no less – whipped up a Steak Diane sauce and prepared sides of stir-fried mushrooms and potato gratin.

I’m knew A. was loving dinner when he said “MMMMMM” to me TWICE as we ate. He proceeded to DRINK the Steak Diane sauce from the saucepan.

I have no pictures tonight – just a couple of empty plates and very happy bellehs.

*I think I’ve preeetty much got it pat down when it comes to the perfect steak because even though A. always says his steak could do with more salt, he’d compare steaks we have elsewhere to those I cook at home 😀 If you don’t want to use a thermometer to check for doneness, I usually take the steaks off the pan at about the 2-3 minute mark for medium rare-medium and after about 5 minutes for a well-done steak. I also use a regular non-stick fry pan over the biggest/strongest gas hob on my stove.


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