On the menu :: Spaghetti Meatballs

When you have to put dinner on the table everyday, you run out of ideas FAST and before long, your husband starts telling everyone that “she’s only got these signature dishes up her sleeves and they’re on rotation”.

… …

So what do you do? You watch telly! Or, you could Google. Or, do both πŸ˜› Coz that’s exactly what I did! Do both, that is. Before I returned to work, I used to watch Justine Schofield’s Everyday GourmetΒ every arvo on Ten. She’s fun to watch and her recipes are easy to follow and truly everyday-friendly – recipes for the noobiest of cooking noobs or working mums and dads.

One of my favourite Friday dinners is Everyday Gourmet’s Mushroom, Pea + Pancetta Linguine. It’s soooo quick to whip up and yummo!! After a long week at work – and knowing that A will likely be home late from Friday drinks with the colleagues – I really don’t want to be slaving at the stove the minute I get home.

On my days off though, I usually put in a little more effort and spend a bit more time preparing dinner. Maybe a hearty Hong Kong style beef brisket dish one week and Bak Ku Teh the next… Dishes all of which have pretty much run their course, sotospeak πŸ˜› I told A. I was thinking of cooking some pasta and he said “Meatballs please”. So meatball spaghetti it was! I adapted Justine’s Veal Meatballs with Large Rigatoni and made beef/pork meatballs instead because I simply can’t bring myself to eat veal 😦 I also used spaghetti and not rigatoni since the former was what I had in my pantry yesterday. Depending on how small/large you make your meatballs, you should be able to yield approximately 70-80 and that my friends, is PLENTY. Well, for us two at least.

A. LOVES his meat and a meal is just not complete if there isn’t an ABUNDANCE of meat on his plate. I think there’s enough meat on there, yes?! πŸ˜€



Throw on some cracked pepper and a few flat-leaf parsley leaves and dinner is served! Doesn’t it look delish!? And there was more than enough for A’s lunch the next day!


As I was heating up the meatball sauce, I couldn’t stop humming the tune of “On top of spaghetti”! *LOL* Bon appetit mes amis! πŸ™‚


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