All in a day’s work!

Came across one of those “chainmail” type reads on Facebook and I have to say, it REALLY struck a chord within me. My husband is ACTUALLY an accountant (although not in a bank!) and I – well, although I’m working now, wasn’t working for quite some time after relocating here to be with him and I think that when the kids do come along, I may not go out to work for a bit.. Finances and resources permitting.

Anyhoo, I know A loves me and all but sometimes, I wonder if he realises how hard I work, home or otherwise. Yes, I’ve got my moments (read: procrastinate) but don’t we all?! Whether in the office or not? So maybe housewives/SAHM don’t have to leave the house everyday to face colleagues and/or clients but they’ve got their daily grind to deal with too. Different folks, different strokes right? What makes our domesticity so much less important than sitting in front of a computer daily?

I love A – and Pocket!! – and I would also love a word of thanks, just every so often 🙂



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The following are some questions and answers between a husband (H) and a psychologist:

P : What do you do for a living Mr. Bandy?
H : I work as an Accountant in a Bank.

P : And your wife?
H : She doesn’t work. She’s just a Housewife.

P : Who makes breakfast for your family in the morning?
H : My wife – because she doesn’t work.

P : At what time does your wife wake up to make breakfast?
H : She wakes up at around 5 am because she cleans the house first before making breakfast.

P : How do your kids go to school?
H : My wife takes them to school – because she doesn’t work.

P : After taking your kids to school, what does she do?
H : She goes to the market, then goes back home to cook and do the laundry. You know, she doesn’t work.

P : In the evening, after you return home from the office, what do you do?
H : Rest! Because I’m tired after a day’s work.

P : What does your wife do then?
H : She prepares the meals, feed the children, does the dishes, cleans the house and then puts the children to bed.

The daily routine of a wife starts early in the morning and only ends late at night.

Appreciate your wives because their sacrifice is immeasurable. This story should serve as a reminder to us all to appreciate our partners and the roles they play in the relationship.

When your wife is quiet, there are a million things running through her mind.

When she looks right at you, she is wondering why she loves you so much despite being taken for granted.

When she says she will stand by you, she will stand by you like a rock.


2 thoughts on “All in a day’s work!

  1. oh man! this post totally speaks to me! especially today when i have a sick bub in hand and dealing with the nastiest of all colds! *hugs*

    p.s. does he read your blog? xx

    1. ohnoo.. did blake catch a cold in Perth? I’m battling the beginnings of a cold – not. cool.

      i don’t think he reads my blog although i distinctly remember telling him about it! heh. who knows! 😛

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