Inside of a Dog

On our way out of Bali, A. and I bought “Inside of a Dog – What Dogs See, Smell and Know” by Alexandra Horowitz. Because we are crazy dog-parents like that, A. and I have been absolutely devouring the book! It’s well-written and filled with enough simple complexities (what an oxymoron) to get you thinking and reading on.

It’s for every crazy layman dog-parent.



| source: Inside of a Dog |

Pocket first came into our lives on 8 January 2012 and we really cannot remember life without him. Those initial few weeks were absolute hell because I had no idea what I was doing and if I was doing right by him etc etc… There were so many moments A. said he’d send Pocket away if I can’t manage him and moments when I’d sit on the couch crying because I was just so frustrated.

Looking back, I probably looked and sounded MAD to everyone. Looking back, what were all those tears about anyway?! Pocket is now the poster-child of cute dogs; what was with all that craziness Mummy?! 😛

To us, Pocket was never, and still isn’t, just a dog. He’s a part of the family and our first child. I get it when I hear of people offering rewards for their missing dog to be returned; A. and I would go to the ends of the earth to get Pocket home and really, I can’t stand to think of the day when Pocket will no longer be with us. So instead of moping about the future, I focus on every minute I have with him. I still giggle when I see him roll onto his side or back when he’s sleeping; I love watching him bound toward me with the ball in his mouth and it never ever gets old to see that precious face when I get home from wherever I’ve been. 



How do you not love and want to protect that furry bundle of sweetness?! How do you not feel loved when he’s just curled up at your feet every chance he gets?

Pocket, Mummy and Daddy love you very very much and we will never tire of telling you that.. We love you sweetheart, with every bone in our bodies. 


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