Limitless, the movie

(Fwah. Two posts in a day! I’m on a roll baby! :P)

Just watched Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper and Abbie Cornish. So very very trippy. I like.


The concept behind the story line is not implausible; it really could be, or is, the world we are now living in, minus the non-FDA approved medication. Surely you know the odd person who, for example, is not still suffering from a condition such as ADHD but is still on the prescribed meds because the medication, which calms one with ADHD down, also enhances performance and concentration at work because of that very mind-numbing (sotospeak) effect.

And in A’s words – man now is not adverse to taking drugs which could lead to the user being dumbed down, but man makes big fuss about drugs that could make us smarter?

TRUTH. I don’t get humans. Do you?

That being said, I don’t think I could ever resort to taking medication of any sort, to be any more wired than I need to be.

If you haven’t already watched Limitless, go on.. What are you waiting for? Bradley Cooper scrubs up gooood 🙂


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