30 Days of Yoga – Day 2

What a difference a day makes…. 24 little hours….!!

For starters, the pain in my tailbone today was not as pronounced. I felt some sharp shooting pains as I started my first sequence but the pain thereafter wasn’t killa. Also, I was able to do both sequences from start to finish – yeeeeehaw! I’d like to pat myself on the back, in particular, for completing Amy Ippoliti’s “Heart Wide Open” sequence and finishing off with the Wild Thing/Camatkarasana pose 😀



| source: Yoga Journal |

I did notice that I was a little more distracted today because one, Pocket was sniffing around and acting all nervy while on the sofa watching Mummy yoga; and two, I knew that A. was due home from work anytime soon. 

So at the end of this 30 day yoga “challenge”, I’d like to see that – in addition to resolving that pinched nerve in the area of my tailbone – I’d also like to be able to tune out when I need to, simply to focus on me. Again, for my sanity and for the good of everyone I love, I know I need to think about me a little more. Every now and then.

I feel good! Can’t wait for tomorrow! And as them yogis put it.. Namaste 😛 xx


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