30 Days of Yoga – Day 1

Today marks Day 1 of my “30 Days of Yoga” challenge and man, does it feel good to dust off that yoga mat and get downward doggy 😛 I felt sooooo much pain in my tailbone in the middle of the first sequence, I had to stop for a wee bit but remained in the Downward Dog position and simply felt.

I’m embarking on this 30-day practice because I was inspired by Kira Elliot and reminded by her writings that I simply have to do something to rejuvenate my senses. I’ve been in a bit of a rut which also explains why I haven’t written in so long. Also, if babies are anywhere in my future, this pinched nerve is not going to do. So for the good of me and everyone I love, here goes everything 🙂

A. knows that I’ve started on some sort of a personal challenge and if he hops onto the bandwagon with me, I’ll be even more motivated but either way, I must be resolved.

Namaste everyone and start sending those positive vibes my way 🙂


|source: step into my green world|


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