… and that, my friends, is as much French as I can possibly muster! So much for having studied the language all. my. life.

Anyhow, I know I’ve been terribly errant and once again, I attribute my absence to our big move into the city. We’ve now officially settled into our little nook for one full month πŸ˜€ It’s not a big place – just a little one bedroom but it’s cosy enough for us both. Plus, I revel in the fact that I only have THISMUCH to vacuum and clean. And mind you, I can be quite the fiend when it comes to keeping the place clean, even if I didn’t, in the past, strike you as much of a – ahem – homemaker πŸ˜› I believe that every little bit helps. If cleaning as I go along isn’t a part of the routine, I could very well end up on “How Clean Is Your House”! Not that I wouldn’t love for a team of people to come spring clean our apartment…

The apartment has all the basics we could possibly need for now – the white goods, a bed, WiFi, a TV and even a PS2! As boys will be, my bubby also indulged pre-move and hooked us up with a spiffy Samsung home entertainment system, complete with a Blu-Ray player πŸ™‚ We haven’t actually watched any Blu-Ray DVDs yet but the player – and my trusty external hard-drive – has served us very well indeed. Why this might be relevant to you escapes me but suffice to say, we could be watching 3D movies at home if we so decided to, one fine day πŸ˜›

What pleases ME most is my cute little kitchen in which I have a fully-functioning oven that has, of course, been necessary in my production of home-made baked goods… Muffins, cakes, cookies – I’ve been baking the lot of ’em! I’ve also been whipping up dinner EVERY NIGHT and neither A nor I have been sent to the ER yet. HEH. Other than a few hiccups – like cooking dinner much too early and serving up cold food 😦 – I’ve pretty much got the hang of preparing these evening meals. It’s been fun looking up recipes and trying them out on A πŸ˜€ He’s very vocal when it comes to his food which is good and that also means he WILL let me know if he likes the food or not. It’s been positive thus far – we haven’t had to chuck anything out and call for takeaway! I’ve even gotten a “This is nicer than my mum’s!” which is a HUGE compliment, yes?!

Other than cleaning, washing, cooking and GROCERY shopping, I haven’t gotten out very much. Will need to get back on that daily walks bandwagon and start exploring the apartment’s surrounds! Until then, keep well friends! Stay tuned for recipes and regular updates from me! I promise! xx


2 thoughts on “l’apartement

    1. FANKS! just enough for the both of us at this point so can’t complain πŸ™‚ this is LUXURY as compared to what he used to have in Osaka.. or Tokyo in your case!

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