The Story of Us

As the title of this entry goes, this is going to be a post about A and I! If you know about this blog, you’re going to already know about us but I want to publish this just for posterity anyways =)

My father and A’s parents had been friends for many MANY years – they grew up in the same kampung. When A’s parents got married, my father was their best man, so yes, we go back a lonnng way. I mean, A was at the hospital when I was first born! Growing up, we would always attend birthday parties together… go to the zoo or funfairs… Apparently, A thought I was a lot of fun to “hang” with and would always be excited if his parents mentioned a day out with my family =P For his sake (because my bubby’s shy like that), I will qualify that his parents didn’t have too many friends with children my age, which explains why A thought I was so much fun because he just didn’t have other play dates to choose from.

Alas, the young lovers were torn apart when A’s parents decided to migrate to Perth when he was only 8… Some 4 years later, we made a trip down under for a holiday and it was then I decided I had the BIGGEST crush on A – like, I would write entries in my diary about how he would never know I like him and siiggh, he’s sooo handsome and boohoohoo he liked some girl in school… I wish I still had that diary because it would be such a RIOT to read! Anyhoo, it was a lovely 2 weeks spent in Perth and aside from all the sightseeing we did together, the one thing I remember most vividly is sleeping on A’s shoulder every time we were in the car… Most times I was well and truly tired from the long rides but at other times, I was really just pretending to sleep =P

As life would have it, everyone eventually went their separate ways… Years later, I would return to Australia and in fact, have fleeting contact via SMS with A’s older brother who had just moved to Sydney but no meetings arose from those exchanges. I eventually moved back to Singapore and that was that really… Also I’d misplaced the SIM card with all my Aussie contacts, so it truly sucked to be me then. It didn’t help of course that I wasn’t on speaking terms with my father, thus all hopes of “reuniting” with A were SHOT.

This, of course, was before social media exploded into our lives… To cut the long story short, I would like to thank Facebook (or the creators of) for without which, A and I would not be together today. Life/Fate/Destiny/God sure works in mysterious ways… It wasn’t as if I’d never attempted trawling him out in the past… I mean, we had FRIENDSTER! And we all know how much of a successful voyeur I can be. It just didn’t make any sense at all that I couldn’t locate him any earlier… So I suppose it holds true that all the pieces just fall into place when the time is right.

Everything in His time, I say… Everything in His time.


3 thoughts on “The Story of Us

  1. You look so happy and radiant! I’m so happy for you! Pit stop in Perth before I head home this year end maybe 🙂 How long will u be there for? Or indefinite at this point. Perth! Excellent Italian Pasta place that Shifaa brought me to in 2006, I can’t remember the name, but perhaps you’ve been already? Small outfit complete with red and white checked table clothes run by a jovial old italian man. And! margaret river! Voyager and Leeuwin estates, spectacular food and vino. Nom Nom

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