Manic (Monday) Mornings

It sure is good to be back in Perth! As much as I love Bangkok, the crazy traffic, crowded sidewalks, terrible pollution and INTENSE HEAT become a little unbearable after a while. Small doses of Bangkok for me, thankyouverymuch. More on all the spa/massage treatments A and I enjoyed when we were in Bangkok in the next post because today, I’d like to give you a little taste of what goes on in my day… Or at least, in the mornings.

I get asked ALOT about how I’m faring in Perth, what with A at work most of the day… As you probably already know, I can be quite the loner AKA a laaazzy muthaf*cker. Sitting around at home, not doing very much at all suits me just fine! Honestly. I will, of course, get busier in the months to come but for now, this is “me” time and I’m enjoying it perfectly, that is, simply being a couch potato and watching all the TV I possibly can. And trust me, I can watch ALOT of TV. But again, I’m sure you already know that.

Since I don’t get to see A all day, I like to at least be able to give him a kiss goodbye, before he heads off to work. My day essentially starts at approximately 6.30am every weekday morning when his alarm goes off. And friends, the alarm is LOUD. Anyhoo, being the Nazi that I can be, I would at intervals attempt to wake A up. He is, in reality, very good about waking up and getting to work on-time but who doesn’t like a little sleep-in right? I, on the other hand, am just a damn worrywart and would much prefer that he awakes at the crack of dawn, when his VERY LOUD alarm rings.

I then proceed to prepare his breakfast which the poor dear has to eat while battling peak hour traffic on his way to work =( He likes his jam and toast but I sometimes shake things up a bit (whoooo~ living on the edge I am!) and put together some chocolate croissants instead… Can I just add that chocolate spread comes from chocolate buttons which I lovingly melt over the stove =)

When A is finally dressed and ready to hit the road, he cannot just pass “Go”; he has to take his vitamins! I have become Sharon and Alana’s mothers *LOL*

If we’re “on schedule”, my boyfriend is out of the house by 7.30am at the latest which is also the time I, erm, head back to bed. By this time, I’m usually fairly awake and would read a little or watch an episode of my shows until I fall asleep.

Am I lazy? YES! Do I love it? YES YES!! Is it boring? Nooo… We’ve got a great little morning routine going for us and it pleases me to no end to be able to simply spread some jam on pieces of toast and pack it away for A everyday. My mummy used to tell me to cheer up and start the day on a good note… FINALLY mummy, here I am – right where and how you’ve always wanted me to be! Instead of having someone (read: my brother) bring me my school shoes, I’m now fussing over someone else =)

… and it sure feels good!


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