scratch the itch

My my my – how I’ve been itching to write again!

With time on my hands, I figured there’s no better time to scratch that itch to write. Plus it’ll help keep friends and family updated – somewhat – on my life. Lord knows I’m terrible with emails 😛 Some years have passed since I first started blogging and I hope I’ve become a little wiser. Instead of ramblings and pieces of too personal information that should really be kept to myself, this new little project of mine will document highlights of this new journey on which I have currently embarked.

Expect travel adventures, culinary disasters (and successes, hopefully!) and above all else, a lot of love =) Because that’s what makes my world go round!

Being of an Obsessive-Compulsive sort of personality, I just had to have my first post published on 1 May 2011. Just back to reality after a short and hectic holiday in Bangkok, Thailand, I am raring to go! Glad to be back where walkways are walkways and I can stroll through flea markets in peace, knowing that I’m not going to have to gingerly step aside for a revving scooter which really, should not be anywhere near pedestrians.

I’ll end off by counting my blessings because I’m a lucky lucky girl and extremely blessed to be able to be living here in Perth, Australia with my darling boyfriend and to have the support of friends and family near and far. I only hope I will do everyone proud and be the best that I can be every single day.



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